Stolen Thong (Book 7)

Stolen Thong

Nikki and Taha are dancing wildly in the bar of the hotel where they stay. Taha is aching to have his way with Nikki, but is unsure of how she would react to his advances. He starts to make bold moves as Nikki’s dancing gets wilder and wilder. Does Nikki lose control of herself totally?

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Office Colleague (Book 6)

Office Colleague

When Nikki’s hubby tells her to dress sluttily and go and sit in the bar at the hotel in which they are staying, she is a bit skeptical, as she does not want the hotel staff to see her dressed like that. But she finally agrees and slips into a slutty dress and goes to the hotel bar. She gets a BIG SHOCK there!

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Pub Tease (Book 5)

Pub Tease

Nikki has met a guy from her neighborhood, while on vacation, much to her shock. They dance late at night in a quiet pub. Raj gets horny dancing with Nikki. All he can think of is getting into her panties… Does Nikki give in to his desires?

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Kitchen Dare (Book 4)

Kitchen Dare

Nikki is DARED to go order dinner in the hotel where she is staying, wearing just a skimpy micro mini and a thin bikini bra. Nikki thinks about it, knowing that there are quite a few people in the hotel who could spot her in such a slutty outfit. What does Nikki do?

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Bike Lust (Book 3)

Bike Lust

On a hot vacation, Nikki hitches a bike ride to her room, from a hot young local she meets at the beach. It starts to rain and in the cool and sexy atmosphere, Nikki starts to get turned on. She clutches on to the young, hot guy on the bike. The guy is totally excited, as is Nikki. Where does the bike journey lead them?

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Three Voyeurs (Book 2)

Three Voyeurs

Nikki goes to the beach with her hubby. She is dressed in just a micro mini and a T. At the beach, they meet two young locals. The waters are nice and inviting. Nikki slips out of her mini and T and the locals and her hubby are shocked to see her in…

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Bus Bang (Book 1)

Bus Bang

Nikki boards a bus and heads for an exotic vacation spot. She meets a young, rough looking guy on the bus. The guys shows more than just a casual interest in Nikki. Nikki blushes and can’t help feel a bit excited. How does Nikki react?

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