About Me

I just LUV to write Erotika stories and I’m very passionate about this.

I write stories on so many different subjects… Imagine it, I write it…

HONESTLY, I write about things you won’t even FANTASIZE about, not even in your WILDEST and HORNIEST wet dreams!

I have discovered that writing these stories is a fabulous way of escaping the harsher realities of life and escaping into a kind of a FANTASY world, one which not only I, but also so many of my readers and FANS from all over the world, love to be in…

As I have been so told by FANS, in the many emails I get from them, from all parts of the globe.

I write these erotica stories just for fun and just to escape into a fantasy world of my own, where I can get to EXPLORE things and do things that I would not be able to do in real life.

Of course, the TRUTH is, some of the parts in my stories, have actually happened to me in REAL LIFE – but the real FUN part is that nobody will know, which has really happened… and which has not!

And this really excites me, ‘coz when I write, I am also writing about things that have actually happened to me – but the…

BIG SECRET here is that, though I am sharing part of this life…

NOBODY will know the TRUTH – and you can only keep guessing as to which is REAL and what I have fantasized.

This is truly a BIG TURN ON for me – writing the REALITY –

Which I would not be able to REVEAL to anyone about, who I know in my real life – and nobody would even be able to guess the TRUTH!

For all I know, you could be my neighbor or the person I met at the supermarket or one of the people I do business with – or even a friend or a relative – but you would never know the truth about me – even though you are reading my stories.


Well, I hope you enjoy reading these stories, as much as I do writing them for you.

If you are a FAN and you HAVE BOUGHT MY BOOKS… and would like to write to me, you can find details on how to get in touch with me at my CONTACT ME page.

Whatever you do in life. Remember this…

Life’s TOO short, live each moment to the fullest.

Njoy life to the core! It’s your life.

Best wishes and regards.


Nikki Fox

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