Bus Bang (Book 1)

Surprisingly not many people were there in the bus. And my hubby told me that I could remove my jacket.

“No way! Let the bus start at least.” I said.

He laughed.

Bus Bang
By 330 PM the bus left and I could count that there were just 7 people in it. One was a couple with 2 kids, the couple was in their early thirties. And the other was an old man. Besides these 5, there were the driver and the conductor.

“Remove your jacket.” Erik said.

I hesitated, but did so. The vest was of a thin material, black in color. It just about covered my huge coffee brown nipples. But it did not do anything to cover the fact that I had 39 D breasts.

My eyes were moving all over the bus. I was very nervous and wondering if anyone was watching. The bus continued on its journey and after about an hour, it made a stop to pick up more passengers.

We stopped for around 15 minutes. Nobody entered. The bus left and after around 20 minute, it stopped again, for around 15 minutes. We were about to leave, when a rather rough looking guy in his late 20’s, well built, rushed in.

Bus Bang
He settled down in the front.

“How many more stops I wonder?” I said.

“Why don’t you go and ask the conductor” Erik told me.

“Like this?” I asked in shock.


“No way.”

“Okay then, I will call him here and ask him.”

“No. No.” I said.

“Conductor? Conductor?” Erik yelled.

All the people looked back and the conductor came our way.

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Bus Bang

About Notty Nikki

I love to live life to the fullest. Life is way too short to sit and sulk and worry about things that are sad and gloomy. I love to write Erotica, it lets me live in a world of my own. In this world, I can be who I want to be and I can life my own lifestyle. It is a great way to escape the realities of the world we live in. On the flip side, I always stop to look at the pretty blue sky, with its lovely cottony silver clouds floating by. I love watching the night sky, with the millions of stars twinkling on and off. One of the best parts of my daily routine, is watching the sun rise over the hills and set in the sea. This is oh so beautiful! And yes, some of the things I write, I actually do experience in reality. The fun thing is, nobody will ever know the truth of which is real and which is not, in my Erotica.

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