Stolen Thong (Book 7)

But Taha is really thinking,

“Beautiful and oh my God so fuckable, you fucking lucky son of a bitch, I bet you get to appreciate that image of cum dripping off that smile all the time. I’m gonna dig a little here though, to make sure that you’re not gonna be holding things against Nikki. That’s too big and too fake a smile.”

Stolen Thong

“Nikki has never mentioned you. Please. Do join us.” Erik says, smiling at Taha.

“Oh we don’t work together all that much,” Taha says, thinking, “Usually I just fantasize about nailing her from behind on a desk, I think..”

“I’m in. More dancing is it? Or yall work up an appetite?  I’ve had a couple of drinks so far, nothing solid yet. They have seafood.”

“I leave all the decisions to the boss.” Erik says, looking at me.

Stolen Thong

I smile.

“Heh Nikki…looks like you’ve got a good one here.”

“A good one… Or he’s fucking whipped. Time to figure out which.” Taha thinks.

He smoothes out his clothes, rumpled as they are, trying to subtly rearrange his erection, as it’s slowly dying down, making sure it’s not noticeable.

Does Taha finally get his way with Nikki? Find out…

Stolen Thong

About Notty Nikki

I love to live life to the fullest. Life is way too short to sit and sulk and worry about things that are sad and gloomy. I love to write Erotica, it lets me live in a world of my own. In this world, I can be who I want to be and I can life my own lifestyle. It is a great way to escape the realities of the world we live in. On the flip side, I always stop to look at the pretty blue sky, with its lovely cottony silver clouds floating by. I love watching the night sky, with the millions of stars twinkling on and off. One of the best parts of my daily routine, is watching the sun rise over the hills and set in the sea. This is oh so beautiful! And yes, some of the things I write, I actually do experience in reality. The fun thing is, nobody will ever know the truth of which is real and which is not, in my Erotica.

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